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Original Title: Allison From Palmdale

Genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller





































Kacy has complications with her pregnancy and Sarah takes her to the hospital. There she meets the baby's father, a LAPD detective. Meanwhile, Cameron has yet more problems when she draws a memory blank while shopping for groceries. She takes up with a young street person, Jody. While together, Cameron has a series of flashbacks recalling her interrogation of a young woman, Allison Young, who resembles Cameron to a tee. We learn of the reason for the lookalikes and Cameron's one-time mission. Elsewhere, Agent Ellison is still considering Catherine Weaver's job offer and asks his ex-wife, also an FBI agent, to do a background check on her.
Another malfunction causes Cameron to believe that she is actually a human from the future named Allison. Sarah accompanies her pregnant landlady to the hospital. Ellison continues to contemplate Catherine Weaver's job offer.
While I am not sure of why there would be a human memory left, it still made for a cracking episode and tons of the marvelous Summer Glau in this episode who was probably the best thing about this series. Richard T. Jones, Brian Austin Green were both also a strong supporting cast, and Thomas Dekker did fine but thought Lena Headey for the main role, just didn't have the same gravitas to carry this and often overdid the angry moody illogical. This episode is loads of Summer Glau and her past, and really gives her some room to exercise her acting skills against what is normally having to play(very well) the robot role. Nice storyline and one to get you thinking....
It is worth watching all twelve previous episodes of this show just to watch this one. Most of Season 1 was fairly well done, but not brilliant. A couple episodes were bad, and a couple were good. The three episodes of season 2 that precede this one are decent, and not necessarily boring (the premiere being the exception, in that it was better than the others). In any case, this episode is the one I consider to be the best in the whole series. Even if all the other episodes were complete crap, it would be worth watching the whole show just for this one episode.

I don't know what happened to the show for this episode, but whatever they did, it worked. This is what I wish the whole show had been like. Sadly, only a few of the other episodes measured up to the quality of this one.


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