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Original Title: Subconscious Reality

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller

















































Subconscious Reality. an apocalyptic sci-fi. all is not right in utopiA.
In the Corporate Republic of utopiA, the Board of a group of conglomerates, PlutocracyCorp, rules with an iron fist, dictating profit above all else. Gradually their paranoia extends to the elimination of all citizens except those serving Board conglomerates directly, or part of the "forces" (control, policy, and armed) who support the Board. When suspicions arise of a new underground and a mole within the Board's structure, a new battle begins. Earlier, during the war in which the Board seized power, many agents were implanted with a chip that could be used for mind control and to record events. The Board now suspects that the mole comes from one of the remaining 8 agents with an implanted chip. Rather than eliminate them directly, the Board decides to pit them against each other through a series of bogus missions. These missions put the agents in line to question potential "witnesses" including Implicit (Lana Wood) and The Seer (Conrad Brooks). The Board will unearth the mole, and if not, will just eliminate the 8 with the chip, thinking that alone will quell the rebellion. But the Board failed to take into account the people's unending need to be free. Subconscious Reality. All is not right in utopiA.


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